Sunday, October 27, 2019

Limited Edition Marco Colors Revealed!

I can't tell you guys how much stressed I feel when writing these words, it's been 8 months that I haven't touched my blog nor updated it, I'm not lazy, but life can't swap everything in few seconds, in these months I almost lost my baby daughter and even me, I almost leaved this life, but I'm fine now, I'm saved (for the moment lol) and I took back my time to get some rest, so I guess a doctor who is back to the line is the best thing to announce as a comeback!

As you saw it during the last event, a new POP of Marco have been announced, the Time-Skip version of the doctor looks awesome even in the uncolored prototype, so here is the chance to review it and see how the Phoenix will look like!

The colors are really cool and I am glad they added some phoenix lights effects on it, don't get excited too much (because you really should) since the preorders will start next month, release date is set for May 2020 and the price is 11.000 Yen!

Well, seeing how prices changed during all these years is really impressive, we're paying almost same price of the Neo MAX Kid for that Marco, but since the line is back with awesome pieces, me and my wallet is ready <3 Stay tuned!