Tuesday, January 8, 2019

ZOOM! Edward Newgate Neo MAXIMUM

A great character deserves a greater figure! After three (both have the same model base) P.O.P releases, Megahouse finally decides to make a honorable figure suitable for such a great pirate, it's the "The Strongest Man in the World" Edward Newgate's new Neo MAX figure!

Released in early November, this epic figure looks so cool, as it's already a MAX, and we have talked more than once about the extra ordinary quality of details of this amazing Label, so this figure is not making any exception but pushing the bar of limits higher and higher.

Thanks to the great pictures taken by Joeeye, we're going to show you how incredible this figure is! It's about 70 pictures so hold a long breathe!

The pose is great, each time Megahouse is reproducing an old character, they are trying to give him the right dimensions, just like the Dracule Mihawk or Jinbei, if you compare the first and last figures, you will find the difference of size, and the newer the figure is, the closer to the real dimensions of the characters, unfortunately, it's still not the real proportional size of the big old man!

Here is our judgement on this figure, it's a great piece and a must have, good luck to find a cheap price now if you have missed it...

Figure quality -1-1-1-10.5
Devotion to the Character -1-1-1-1-1
Gadgets and alternative pieces (if needed) -1-1-10.5-1
Price -1-1-10.5-1
Figure Importance in Your Collection -1-1-1-1-1
Total Score -1-1-1-10.5

Source: Photos by joeeye