Monday, December 10, 2018

Megahobby EXPO 2018 [AUTUMN] : A MAX of Pleasure!

This new edition of Megahobby EXPO is a real good one, it was a real pleasure to discover what Megahouse is planning for the future of the infamous P..O.P series, click and let's take a look!

Of course, Megahouse can't get rid of the BB stuff, still making weird and over-sized female bodies, a normal people can love the idea for once, a fan can accept it for two or three times, a perverted-desperate-soul-super-hardcore-One-Piece-fan can shake the pockets for ten times, but we're far far beyond that number, Megahouse passed the 20th BB figure! Anyway, here is the colored version of Nami Ver.BB_SP and Jewelry Bonney Ver.BB:

I started the article with the worst pieces, let's get a better new now, not the best, but still awesome to see the colored new Zoro figure; Ver.3000 Worlds which is a Sailing Again MAXIMUM, the figure looks like it's made from resin and not PVC, a top notch quality and a real great painting job! I can't wait to get my hands on it! Too bad the gadgets and the alternative pieces are absent this time...

A hotter news is following, we're getting another new character this year, I'm glad to have this one and will definitely get one as soon as it get released, it's an addition to the Marines figures of the POP line, second female to join the P.O.P, it's Hina and she is gorgeous!

Hina will be a Limited Edition, she's joining to celebrate 15 Years of P.O.P figures, great pieces and a greater pose! I love her so much, release date is set to be 2019/07, no more details for the moment!

Finally, the best news, the greatest news, the hottest even and it's not a BB, but a SA-MAX! Guess who's back for a second MAX figure, we're getting a second form of his attacks, and it's looking good so far! It's Monkey D. Luffy with a new figure called: Monkey D. Luffy GEAR 4 SNAKEMAN - P.O.P SA-MAXIMUM (a very long name).

That's all for this time, it was a great moment and it got some real great revelations, but what about the Jump Festa? It's the next month, so you have time to settle your calendars and agendas! Cya!