Saturday, November 10, 2018

Roronoa Zoro Ver.3000 Worlds : Colors Revealed!!!

First Megahobby teaser, Megahouse is showing something heavy on their blog! The first picture of the SA-MAXIMUM Roronoa Zoro, a.k.a Ver.3000 Worlds is looking so good, I really need to throw a WOW!

Megahouse did a first teaser for the Megahobby, I should update and announce it too soon, but until I move my lazy body (I'm not fat :p) let's just enjoy this incredible shot of Roronoa Zoro is all his splendor and strength!

As announced before, the figure is a SA-MAXIMUM, expect a high price (even that we still don't see a great reason for it) and the release date is set for May 2019! Preorders should happen soon too! Stay tuned guys, more pictures of the green-haired pirate will surface soon this month as Megahobby EXPO starts!