Saturday, October 6, 2018

ZOOM! Capone GANG Bege S.O.C

Capone GANG Bege is out! It's not a usual thing (anymore) that a new character joins the P.O.P lines, but we've got one and it's awesome! He's a pirates, a Supernova, he's a Mugiwara ally during the Big Mom arc, and he's a Mafia don! That awesome character is joining the S.O.C, but it fits perfectly!

First shots of the final product are out! The Fire Tank Pirates captain is standing on his excellent red chair, the details are awesome, and we've got some alternative arms, so you can switch between holding his weapon or a badass crossing fingers pose, it's up to you once you get him!

The colors are really nice, that shiny gold on his cape, the red rose on his suit are very bright and make the most of the piece! He wears a black-and-white pinstriped attire, complete with a green scarf around his neck, with the excess tucked inside the suit (making it look like a cravat). Like Crocodile, Bege wears very expensive golden rings with precious stones mounted on them, but because Bege has two hands, all his fingers (including the thumbs) have them. As for his personal effects, he has a pirate captain's coat with red and gold trimming and a western style cowboy hat.

The short (but very smart) man's pose is very suitable and very funny, I remember someone said, he's looking like he's pooping XD so don't try to expose it without his chair, actually, you can't!

What I love the most with this statue is that Megahouse (for the first time) did a right S.O.C figure, Bege couldn't really look better without his sitting pose, the most of time that we see the character is actually when sitting, and this figure comes to save the epic scene of the reunion with Luffy and the rest, before the wedding of Sanji!