Nami Ver.BB_SP Colors Revealed!

The next Nami figure (which becomes something so cheap and usual that keeps me wonder if anyone still buy these piece of sh##) is revealed in full colors, but wait, this is becoming over every limits, don't you feel that you already saw this body? We do and we know whose body is it! Lazy and shameful Megahouse!

Yes, Megahouse just did a copy paste of the body, lifted some arm, added a cup of beer and replaced the head with another already existing one with some extra waving hair! You still don't see it? Hold my beer (mine not Nami's):

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce myself, I am Mr Pervert Pigeon (PP for a future quote), I work as Megahouse's new characters choice maker, I love naked girls and hot bodies because I never had the chance to have a girlfriend when I was in school, I am still lonely and prefer my sexy PVC figure than some real women..."

"Nami's figures are nice, but I'm running low with new idea, let's see, oh I love the body of my Boa Hancock Sama (mwah mwah, kissing the statue obviously) come to me my empress, stoned my...heart already!"

"We need a face for her, (calling the sculptor), Ohayo Sculptor-san, I would like a low cost head of Nami please, oooohhh what a great idea, nevermind, we already have the head, we don't need your services! (bip bip bip)"

"You look very nice Nami Sama, I am your slave, I love you so much Nami Sama, let's hide the copy paste now with some fresh and great ideas!"

The next day:

"Mr PP, your new figure is approved!" (fap fap fap)

So it's a lazy collage between Nami Ver.BB and Boa Hancock Ver.BB! Shame!!! Nami Ver.BB_SP preorders starts November 9th, release is set for April 2019. That's enough for today I guess, see you soon...