Wonder Festival 2018 [SUMMER] : The Badasses are HERE!

You have to admit it, 2018 is the year where Megahouse is reconstructing the trust between them and the fans, they did not stopped the fan-service releases, but they covered it with some really extra great pieces, from a Jinbei to a Katakuri, passing by Reiju or Capone, all of this year is exciting, and the new version of the Wonder Festvial [SUMMER] 2018, is just like all of these, an awesome event!

It feels good to make an exhibition review with such a positive air, that night was really a night apart with all the photos coming from everywhere, we start with the MAX figures that we already saw before, but now, they are all colored! It's Charlotte Katakuri who will execute the first dance!

He's big, he's badass, he's strong and too much serious, and his figure does reflect all of this! The colored prototype is clearly high quality work, with all his muscles and his long weapon. As you already know it, the preorders have been started and the release date is December 2018.

Next, it's the great empress of hearts, the most beautiful lady on the Grand Line surface, no one can survive her new figure, a MAX labeled, because she brings her Salome with her, Boa Hancock Neo MAXIMUM's colors are giving the real figure that such a great character deserves! Megahouse still try the fan-service, but at least with something that's worth it! Check all the great quality of her snake, and all the details, OMG, my heart is hurting <3 Preorder should arrive soon since the release date is January 2019, but no price yet, so get ready to get your wallet ripped!

If you think you can handle the next revelation, I bet you don't, 'cause this new Zoro figure is the best thing ever, the ultimate Zoro piece! 3000 Worlds version is its name, the next Limited Edition figure, it's true is a naked piece, but this is a real orgasm XD. It's not the first time Zoro gets a P.O.P with a katana in his mouth, but this time, it's a PLEASURE MAX! (why I feel like I'm writing erotic text), I let you enjoy the picture while calm down before continuing the article. Release date is March 2019!

As I said, I need to calm down, but I suddenly got the mood flipped to the angry side, since now, there are another Nami Ver.BB and the Bonney Ver.BB too, + a worst of all, another Boa Ver.BB repaint! F##### this, they don't even deserve a place on such an article! *throw the images and go away*

That's all guys, the rest is some random old figures being released before, it was a great night, and I hope next Megahobby will do better! *tears of satisfaction*