Thursday, August 30, 2018

New Shots of Reiju Ver.02!!!

Reiju's second figure is here, a big flop from Megahouse, but it's here... Check out the first photos of the final product!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Wonder Festival 2018 [SUMMER] : The Badasses are HERE!

You have to admit it, 2018 is the year where Megahouse is reconstructing the trust between them and the fans, they did not stopped the fan-service releases, but they covered it with some really extra great pieces, from a Jinbei to a Katakuri, passing by Reiju or Capone, all of this year is exciting, and the new version of the Wonder Festvial [SUMMER] 2018, is just like all of these, an awesome event!

New Shots of Nami Ver.NEW!!!

Released late July 2018, Nami Ver.New is the next figure showing the rigs of the Mugiwaras' Navigator, the good point with it is that's not another BB figure (but they did announced another one recently), here are the first photos of the final product, come closer guys!