Monday, July 2, 2018

New Jewelry Bonney & Roronoa Zoro figures announced!

The BB line continues to expand not only with the new couple announcement of Rebecca and Vivi, but also through another pirate this time, and it's the pink haired Jewelry Bonney. Also, another Roronoa Zoro figure is on the work from Megahouse, here is the new announcements!

So the BB line is not dead yet, who cares when Megahouse continues to release their extra-terrestrial naked females when they also makes great figures, I'm still enjoying the MAX Jinbei figure on my shelves and can't wait until the MAX (too) Whitebeard get released! Anyway, if there is still people who are interested in getting these ugly glitches, another one is on the road, it's gonna be Jewelry Bonney, SPOIL Just the moment we saw her comeback to the main story SPOIL The figure will be released next year, in February 2019. But who cares! :p

Next announce is a new Roronoa Zoro figure, all we know is that it will be a March 2019 release, and it will be a Limited Edition, no more details are given yet, it could be a MAX SPOIL as it could be a Wano country figure, as we finally saw some badass Zoro recently SPOIL.

Here is it guys, stay tuned for more details! Maybe we see them during the WonFest 2018 [SUMMER], OMG I need to announce that too...