Megahobby EXPO 2018 [SPRING]: Heavenly Good, So Good!

OMG, it's was a crazy and nostalgic night, that moment when you run everywhere to see the new revelations, all the Megahouse updates, and that night, was extremely hot and some good stuff showed up.

First spotted thing almost took my breath away, it was huge, and very badass, Charlotte Katakuri, announced before the show, but honestly I didn't expected a great piece like this one, it's still uncolored, but the figure promotes a lot! Release date is 12/2018. More details soon!

Second bomb was another MAX too, the first lady to join the heavy Neo MAXIMUM line, Boa Hancock is "finally" bringing Salome to the P.O.P line, many people waited for it, so here is it guys, it's just a smart Megahouse trick to sell more Boa figures, but since the result is stunning, we don't care, I personally will buy it!  Release date is 2019!

Well, there is more, Sanji Ver.WD is being revealed during the event too, and already colored! Sanji looks great in his wedding suit, it's really detailed and very colorful, so stand up for the groom! Release date is October 2018, yes! It comes along with Whitebeard Neo MAXIMUM, so make your calculations if you plan to make your wallet suffer!

Now, the hype is getting down, since we're going to talk about the BB line, we've got a new Vivi (second BB) and Rebecca to join the series, and since Megahouse can't skip any event without a new Nami, they announced the third repaint of the second BB, complicated right? Let's simply called "TRASH" or a little longer name: Nami Ver.BB_3rd Anniversary. Rebecca and Vivi Ver.2 will get released in November 2018, and Nami in September. DON'T BUY IT! :p

That's all guys, there are more exhibited figures in the Megahouse stand, take a look at some of them here, and don't forget, in July, we've got more, Wonder Festival is waiting! Stay tuned!