Monday, July 16, 2018

Charlotte Katakuri SA-MAX: Size Really Matters!

Megahouse just revealed the colored prototype of the next SA-MAX figure, Big Mom's third child, alias Charlotte Katakuri, one of the hottest future releases! Wanna take a look? Jump in!

It's one of the greatest announced figures, not only the first prototype looks awesome, but the character himself got a very high place in the One Piece popular character list, badass, strong and cool, that's how we describe the (not a giant but) huge Katakuri, The colors just dropped in a Megahouse poster along with Sanji and the next BB figures, but honestly, does this really shows the real dimension of the figure? If yes it would be more than great, but we already saw the uncolored piece exposed next to other P.O.P and it really doesn't look that much big, in all cases, the figure really really is a thing, I'm already in love!

Charlotte Katakuri - P.O.P SA-MAX is getting released in December 2018, price is ¥17500, preorders will start this month, we will update when it's up! Stay tuned!