Sunday, May 20, 2018

ZOOM! Roronoa Zoro SOC

The fourth S.O.C figure is no one else except the badass Roronoa Zoro! We're reviewing exactly one year later, (I hope you still want to continue to read), but it's better than never! The green haired swordsman is back for a sexy figure, and despite my negative opinion toward the S.O.C series, this one seduced me so far!

Well, Roronoa Zoro's got many P.O.P figures, we never complain about a new figure of the future best swordsman in the world! The new one is totally different, Zoro is calmly concentrating on cleaning his sword, with his green kimono and sitting on a nice pillow signed Crimin label.

Quality is excellent, the pose is not dynamic, but I love how Zoro is sitting on the pillow, Nuguigami (wiping paper) on his mouth and the Uchiko Ball in his right hand, so cool, only one detial I consider missing, Megahouse really had to add the other swords are gadget that he could place next to him, or in the worst case, the saya of the Wado Ichimonji.

For the fan-service side, Megahouse nailed how to make an attractive figure without making big boobs, actually, they can't for this time, but they did it well. All the muscles, the scars on his body are really great! This is the best S.O.C figure ever! So if you're looking for one or two S.O.C figures, you must get this one!

Figure quality -1-1-1-1-1
Devotion to the Character -1-1-10.5-1
Gadgets and alternative pieces (if needed) -1-1-1-1
Price -1-1-10.5-1
Figure Importance in Your Collection -1-1-1-1
Total Score -1-1-10.5-1

Source: Photos by joeeye