Saturday, May 12, 2018

ZOOM! Reiju Limited Edition

How come I haven't made a review of the newest female character to join our loved P.O.P collection yet! Vinsmoke Reiju, Sanji's eldest sister is breaking the rules, finally Megahouse decided to remove that curse and to add some new character to the series, the pink haired lady is here, so jump in!

Yes, she's the one we've been waiting for so long to break that curse, Reiju is also known as "Poison Pink", she is the eldest child and only daughter of the Vinsmoke Family. She is a princess of the Germa Kingdom and a commander in its military arm, all of these titles deserve a great figure for a greater character.

Reiju is wearing a skinny purple headband in her pink hair, a short white satiny dress with a frilled neckline and a pink cravat, and pink high heels. Her eyebrows are swirly just like all of her brothers. Both of her thighs are tattooed with a number "6", referring to the name of the organization "Germa 66" (obviously)!

The figure is excellent, the proportions of her body are (finally) acceptable, the dress's texture is perfectly reflecting the satiny style, what else would I want! I'm totally in love! I also wanted the Germa Raid Suit of Reiju, who knows, maybe in the future!

Figure quality -1-1-1-1-1
Devotion to the Character -1-1-10.5-1
Gadgets and alternative pieces (if needed) -1-1-1-1
Price -1-1-10.5-1
Figure Importance in Your Collection -1-1-10.5-1
Total Score -1-1-1-1-1

Source: Joeeye