Sunday, May 20, 2018

ZOOM! Monkey D. Luffy [REPLAY] Kabuki Edition

While the first edition's prices are getting higher, Megahouse decided to repaint the awesome Monkey D. Luffy - Portrait of Pirates Kabuki Edition and release it again, the result was pretty nice, but not sure the repaint is as much popular as the first one, but still a nice piece! Here is the review!

Like I said, I strongly believe this figure wasn't as much popular as the first edition, despite it's nice looking, actually, the first reason must be the price of the figure, 16k Yen for the figure, who would buy a repaint, until you are good damn rich (or stupid) to buy the same thing twice. Then, after 2 years (almost), I guess the majority of all who wanted the Kabuki figure have already seized the opportunity to get one before the rise of the prices. Anyway, it's just a personal guess, I am here to review the figure and not to talk money.

The figure looks very... "deja vu", it's obvious, since it's a repaint, so what can I say to fulfill the review? Oh, they changed the colors, red is black, green is white and blue is purple, and the base is now black too! And if you want my personal opinion, first edition is much much more better, even as a One Piece fan, Luffy's color is red, even for the Kabuki, Oda-sensei drew it in red, so what is the meaning of this black? Let me guess, a way to resell a figure, cause it is cheaper for Megahouse to repaint figures than making new ones, with less molds and new sculptures.

So if you like it, go for it if you have the money, but don't be impulsive if you already have the first one, it's really much better. DONE!

Figure quality -1-1-1-1-1
Devotion to the Character -1-10.5-1
Gadgets and alternative pieces (if needed) -1-1-1-1-1
Price -1-10.5-1
Figure Importance in Your Collection -1-10.5-1
Total Score -1-1-10.5-1

Source: Photos by joeeye