Monday, May 21, 2018

Preorders Announced: A 6 Years Old Kizaru for Reprint!

Don't be angry if you already own it, it will not be as valuable as yours! And will not be cheaper as the first edition's price, so here is it! Borsalino Kizaru - P.O.P Neo DX is listed for resale, and it's happening soon!

It was last night that I read the news, but since I already gave you some active me yesterday, I decided to post this only now. Anyway, Kizaru is announced to get a reprint for September 2018. Preorders will start soon, it's actually starting from 25th of May, so in less than 5 days, the price? This is the detail you would not hear about it, it's shocking, but honestly made me feel better, it's 1404 yen cheaper then the first price... DOUBLED!

I got you, shurorororoooo...

Hmm, let's get serious again, well the price is almost the double of the first edition with ¥13716, it's OK that it will be more expensive, but not like this, I think it's a little excessive that the prices climb the double in 6 years! But still a good opportunity for those who are seeking for him to avoid paying the double of the doubled price!

Stay tuned guys, I will update once preorders are up! But you can start digging with Somax-5! It's a limited edition so not sure if he can get many for you! Good luck and HAPPY PREORDERS!