Thursday, May 31, 2018

New Shots of Nico Robin Ver.BB_02!!!

New BB figure is out! Don't hate me guys, but I bought it, couldn't resist this one, she just arrived! Nico Robin Ver.BB_02 is out now, and here is the first picture of the final figure.

First impression, I am a little disappointed, colors looks a little different than all the previous versions we saw before during the expos, the greenish blue of her bikini is darker, pink is now with less contrast, and the white dots are a little bit softer, I wish they could inverse all of this and make softer borders and more accentuated pink and white.

Everything else is fine to me, proportions are always out of control, but very detailed body, face and hair. Oh! And be careful when you handle her, her legs are very delicate, and looks like they might bend in a near future, I hope not. To be continued with the full review... Stay tuned.