WONDER FESTIVAL 2018 [WINTER] : Shine Again Like Gold!

It happened in February, we have missed covering many events due to loss of pleasure thanks to Megahouse, but once it's back with good stuff, we're back too! Here is the Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter] and we could find a totally awesome new Whitebeard figure and some other good things...

Who cares about that new Reiju figure when you see that too much awesomeness of Edward Newgate, the old Whitebeard is back from the dead to make another badass stand for all Megahouse P.O.P fans! Yet, another MAX figure, a dynamic one that gives that man all the respect he needs! The figure is getting released in October 2018, I guess we will see its final prototype with colors very soon!

Next good thing, is the colored prototype of Bege "GANG" Capone, the Supernova is finally getting his P.O.P statue, and it's the first S.O.C figure that is not fanservice, the final prototype is bright, colorful and full of detail, release date is September 2018, but the price is ¥14796, more expensive than the first MAX figure released back in 2012!

OK OK, I should talk of this piece of S###T, second Reiju figure looks horrible, a cow cosplaying the beautiful Vinsmoke Reiju, and totally failed it! Honestly guys, that scene where Reiju is being shot doesn't match with the figure's facial expression! This is the weirdest figure ever, looks like a One Piece porn parody! Who would pay ¥10098 for such a bad piece! Me? I think not anymore! Release in August 2018.

That's it guys, two good news are better than nothing, we hope for better releases in the future, see you next month for the Megahobby EXPO!