Friday, March 16, 2018

Preorder Now! Reiju Ver.02 Limited Edition!

Hey guys, are you going to get some boobs ? Are you a blind lover that insta-buy every figure Megahouse releases and paste a P.O.P tag on it? If you, click and see where to get best Reiju Ver.02 - P.O.P Limited Edition preorders!

It's easy, make it naked, give it biggest boobs the figure structure can support, and use a popular label to commercialize it well, here is how we make easy money! And we want yours, in exchange, we give you mutant cows making cosplay of your favorite One Piece female characters, no shame, no dignity, we sold POP figures well for years, and it's time to over-use it to make more money to serve the World Government! (Illuminati Confirmed!)

It was just some lines to let some of my rage out, this piece of sh figure (stay calm) is available for preorders at many places, we spotted the best three offers available:

Release date is Octover 2018, I personally will get my first version that will be released later this month, it's much better.

Quick tip: always use Yen to pay at Nippon Yasan, cheaper to convert currency at Paypal than on the website directly! And don't forget to compare the shipping fees too!

See you soon and good luck!