Saturday, February 17, 2018

Bege & Reiju Colors : Teasing with Legs!

Are you ready for tonight? Here is some good teasing from Megahouse, few hours before the show! Wonder Festival 2018 [WINTER] is almost here!

While we are all waiting, Megahouse threw two pictures to make some teasing on their Twitter, they posted some legs to make some teasing about the coming Bege S.O.C and Reiju Ver.02, announced during the Megahobby EXPO 2017 [AUTUMN] (I know I didn't announced them, I was absent! So sorry again, things will get better soon). So we will see some colors there, I am personally excited about that Capone figure, more than any other revelation that we will see during the event (even the new Whitebeard too... crap... I didn't announced that here too, don't kill me!)

So, stay tuned, we will have the event covered for you guys, on the Facebook page and the blog too!