Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Preorders Announcement: Reiju Limited Edition!

Too much hype for the sexy sister of Sanji, Vinsmoke Reiju is getting POP'ed, you already know this, and today I am here to announce the date when the preorders will start!

Don't get too much excited! Reiju will be available for preorders starting from Friday, September 29th, but it will exclusive for MEGATREA SHOP, Mekke!, Toei Animation and Bandai Premium and all the Megahouse\Bandai related websites, but it will be for sure available everywhere a little bit later, places like Nippon Yasan, Omocha-House, Big In Japan and many others.

The price will be very reasonable comparing to the crazy price of SOC Ace, Reiju will be around ¥8550. The release date is expected to be March 2018. I'm done now, but will hit you soon with more details! Stay tuned!