WONDER FESTIVAL 2017 [SUMMER] : Finally! A New Breath

Despite it was one of the best events during the past three years, but I couldn't make a review sooner, sorry guys, it's the life issues and that's what happens when we get older, anyway... Wonder Festival 2017 [SUMMER] took my breath away when I saw what Megahouse bring for us this time, I hope the future will be as brighter as this event!

The event's biggest suprise is the new character introduced to the P.O.P line, it's the sister of Sanji, the elder Vinsmoke sister, Reiju is announced to break the monotony of two years! She looks gorgeous and super, but still people are asking for the Vinsmoke costume, the Raid suit! I still find this one cool, but it's sad to not have the cool butterfly style of her, announcing this outfit is maybe a hidden message that Megahouse is not making the Vinsmoke family! Who know!

Still being amazed by Reiju? We've got bigger punch! The next SA-MAXIMUM figure is about to hit you too, it's Jinbei, finally a post time-skip of the Son of the Sea! The figure is very huge and looks so badass, if I can trust Megahouse on something, it's their quality of work, expect to see a great Jinbei figure once colored! Expect a huge price too, since this one is MAX!

Final new announcement was another boring BB figure (sorry Megahouse, this doesn't interest anyone anymore), Nico Robin is getting her "Jambes en l'air" french expression (means legs in the air) and she looks sexy as always, but I already have a bunch of BB figure and prefer to keep my space for the new characters!

Finally, a colored version of Portgas D. Ace - P.O.P S.O.C, it looks cool, but useless!

This is our review of the Megahouse expo during the Wonder Festival, it was a pleasure to discover the 2 new additions, I will ignore the BB and SOC figures, they are out of range for me! See you in November for the next event!