Preorder Now: Mihawk Ver.2 Neo-DX!

Here is the third preorders for such a good figure, too bad Megahouse is killing the sense of collecting figures by fulfilling the market with the figure again, but at least, the new comers won't have to buy some extra to get it! Here is the best three deals we could find for you!

We picked up three places from where you can get it, there is Nippon Yasan, Amiami and Hobby Search. It feels really oldie to go and check Amiami since Megahouse's recent figures are being sold exclusively at MEGATREA SHOP and some other exclusive stores, but it's only for Japan, since for the rest of the world, the figures remain available everywhere! Here is the link with the respective prices too! You are served! Good luck and HAPPY PREORDERS!

PS: release date is December 2017.