Interview with Hiroki Kaneko: Father of the P.O.P series!

Tokyo Otaku Mode had the chance to make an exclusive interview with someone very important inside Megahouse, it's Hiroki Kaneko, a "general manager and a creative driving force within MegaHouse", also the man behind all the P.O.P collection! Here is a little review about this interview, with the major details we need to know!

Tokyo Otaku Mode, one of the biggest names of the Japan culture medias is making something big by interviewing that guy, I personally tried reaching him via emails, through some contacts like sculptors, but I could only fail each time, I'm glad that someone did it, so we can hear someone from Megahouse officialy speaking!

Hiroki Kaneko is working for Megahouse since 23 years, he is behind the creation of the currect figure division. He talked a little about his past and how he wanted to work within video-games industry.

Mr Kaneko also said that hearing the response from fans at events is what makes the job satisfying, that he loves how they interact when they first discover the figures for the first time, he admit that the fans that order online are much numerous than who buy from physical stores, so it's too bad he can't see their reactions too.

TOM's journalist asked him if he have the chance to hear opinions from fans overseas, he indicated that the Megahouse Facebook page, the Twitter and Instagram are here for them... WAIT!!! Did you ever guys got an answer from these? It's like there are Zombies working on it! Dead brains alert!

The interview was nice, despite the "plastic" feeling when reading it, when you feel the "fake" perfect bright side of life, but it's nice to know that Oda-senpai himself interfer from time to time to give some advices. I think it's too bad that no one could ask him why the P.O.P line changed its directions recently, but the interview was planned to be released in two parts, so we must wait for the second chapter! Who know!

To be continued...

Link to the article: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Interview by Adrian Morris, Yabusaki
Photography by Hara