Monday, June 26, 2017

Preorder Now: Monkey D. Luffy Ver.20th!!!

Luffy idolaters, the preorders for the new statue of your kami is here, are you planning to add it to your collection? Here is where to find it!

This figure is limited, Luffy Ver.20th is exclusive for Jump Character Store, orders can be placed between the 23rd, June to 31st, August 2017. So you have enough time to think about if you want it, or noOoOot!

The figure is placed for preorders at the JCS webstie for ¥9990, The website is in Japanese and ships only to Japan, so you need some lucky proxy services like Kazuki-san to help you getting it, or just find a website that makes international shipping.

For the moment, there is only Big In Japan, ¥1000 higher, but I guess it's logical. Maybe wait until another type of preorders shows up. Edit: Added Nippon Yasan with cheapest price.

I personally think there is no need to worry, it's not the first figure getting exclusive to JSC and then being sold worldwide, for example Boa Hancock Ver.BB_GOLD had the same treatment. So maybe wait and see? We will keep updating the list of the sellers here, so stay tuned!