New Shots of Monkey D. Luffy GEAR 4!!!

The new Monkey D. Luffy figure is a real high quality figure, sculpted by our infamous and great MAS, the Boundman form of the GEAR 4 is incredible, and here are the first non official photos of the figures spotted online!

The muscles and the shape of the body are really great, Luffy's body in fulfilled with compressed air so he looks much bigger and larger in size. The coating on his hands and arms in form of tattoos are great too, while this steam cloud shape is the best part of all, OMG I can't wait for this one, too much hype!

I think if this figure will sell a lot, Megahouse could reconsider all their shitty releases and bring back the glory of the series, especially that the most recent preorders went flop... We will see more pictures of this MAX figure during the Megahobby for sure! And keep in mind we will update once the preorders officially starts!