Sunday, March 26, 2017


During all these year, we only got three MAX-labeled figures, and I think they were all much appreciated by the community, so what about the next one? The MAX'd Luffy G4? Are we still excited for this one? YES!

Starting from Eustass "Captain" Kid, passing by Shiki and arriving to the great Armored Franky, the excellent MAX tag kept reserving the best figures ever! This one too is none of an exception, the figure is impressive and huge (300 mm!), it looks very dynamic with the amazing steam effect around it. We already saw the colored version during the WF2017[WINTER] show, and here are the first official shots of the Monkey D. Luffy GEAR4 - P.O.P SA-MAXIMUM!

The preorders are starting next month, so get your wallet ready! We will update with the best places available for preorders, see you in late April!

Preorders should start soon enough as the release date is expected to be September 2017. Good work from Megahouse, but this doesn't deny the fact we're an angry community and that fans are very hungry for more badass figure in the future. TBC...