Friday, October 7, 2016


Preorders for the colorful Perona have just began, and today we're reviewing Perona [GOTHIC] - P.O.P CB-EX the second release of September. It's cute, dark and so cool!

Here is it, I've been waiting for this figure for so long, it's the first CB figure to get a special base with such nice environment but before talking about the base, let's enjoy the principal piece, the figure itself... It's the cute child, Perona is like flying using her cute umbrella and holding one of her negative ghosts...

The princess is flying over a sad and dark place, not sure if it's a piece of the Thriller Bark, a castle or a cemetery, but it has some building and two graves... Colors of the figure are dark, it's probably the night, the mixture between her smile and the situation she's living is strange, happiness and darkness... Anyway, I'm ready to bet about the comeback of Perona in the story, with a past, a big one...

Now back to the new figure, the SWEET Perona, is it simple luck or does Megahouse give some hints about the princess? Is she traveling from places (the cemetery and the candy town) or is it just some commercial tactics from the firm. I can't know right now, but I'm sure the future will tell more.

So it's a figure that you must have, not only because it's the young Perona, but it's really something beautiful and eye catchy! See you in February for the second figure.

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