Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Shots of Nami Ver.BB_02!

The next figure to get released is the second (or third, depends on how you see it) Nami Ver.BB figure, a.k.a Nami Ver.BB_02! The sexy nami is greatly great and has a lot to show! Here is some first shots of the final product, next week we will make a closer ZOOM!

I didn't see the figure in front of me yet, but she really looks gorgeous and sexy, in addition the great details and quality. Great news for perverted minds; I saw some pictures indicating that the figure is a cast-off-able figure, YEAH!!!

Nami Ver.BB_02 is here, I was about to say it was an early release for this month, but it seems that June is already over, so get ready for the next month, there will be heavy releases and the Wonder Festival SUMMER EXPO!