Sunday, March 6, 2016

ZOOM! Corazon & Law Limited Edition

February's hottest release was this excellent Corazon & Law bundle, we all waited for it for long time and it's finally here on our shelves. This Limited Edition has a big value in our memory and heart, not only because it's well done, but it's bringing some strong moment from the One Piece series and Law's painful childhood...

Donquixote Rosinante, a.k.a Corazon, the brave guy that gave real hope for a desperate child, is standing, facing the young Trafalgar. I can't perfectly describe the scene since you can make more than one with the alternative gadgets and pieces delivered with the figures, but the 2 statues are nice and details are amazing...

Rosinante is wearing a dark red hood from which two heart-like shapes hang from, a pair of white jeans, a dark purple (almost black) feather mantle (much like his brother) and a light-pink shirt with pink hearts printed all over it. He also wears bright brown shoes. His golden blond hair is long and it comes close to his eyes. Rosinante has tattoos (or makeup, don' know honestly hahaha) over his eyes and mouth.

Law has his fur hat and wears a black shirt, beige shorts and dark shoes. You know all that Law inherited the Amber Lead Syndrome that accumulated throughout the generations of Flevance, which left his skin white and pallid until he obtained his cure, so this is why he looks so pale and his skin is white. The faces of Law have no expressions, even the smiling face, and this is excellent, because it's perfectly showing the lost and desperate boy that Corazon is trying to save.

The pose of the figures is principally showing the scene where Corazon talked in front of Law for the first time. In a strait street, Corazon was sitting on stairs, smoking and talking to Law, and this is the reason we've got some different for the usual bases here, the stairs for Cora, and the circular arranged ground-bricks for Law. But it seems that, for the pleasure of the fans, Megahouse added additional pieces to that amazing package, the destroyed smiling face of Cora, which brings more iconic but painful memories, and the... Ope Ope no Mi! The Ultimate Devil Fruit, we own a third one with our figures! This is amazing and awesome guys! In addition to the smiling face of Law, you can come out with more than 3 different scenes, it's up to you guys!

OK, the figures are reviewed, so in overall, this is a must-get set, Young Law and Corazon are important, also the quality that Megahouse is always setting is making of these pieces incomparable and nice. And without forgetting the rich content there, with all of these alternative pieces. So if you have missed these, try to catch as soon as possible, before the prices get burning for real!

Figure quality -1-1-1-1-1
Devotion to the Character -1-1-1-1-1
Gadgets and alternative pieces (if needed) -1-1-1-1-1
Price -1-1-10.5-1
Figure Importance in Your Collection -1-1-1-1-1
Total Score -1-1-1-10.5