Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Megahobby EXPO 2015 [AUTUMN]: Fanservice EVERYWHERE!

During the next weekend, the Megahobby EXPO opened its doors to the public to show a big loot of great figures. As always, the One Piece's greatest figure collection series was there too, not as the size as we imagined, but there were some surprises...

People used to get a loot of new P.O.Ps during this event, but not this year, only Limited Edition figures have been revealed during all the expositions of 2015 (until now!), after a perfect 2014, Megahouse seems to enter into a pause period with P.O.Ps, at least this is my personal theory... We're talk about this later, but now here are the new pieces!

Trafalgar Law - P.O.P I.R.O: The most interesting piece to me, the reason is that the figure is showing a female Law! Hahaha, yes guys, it's a she-Trafalgar Law! We already explained why this is happening and on what Megahouse is based to make this one. Law looks sexy (weird to say this lol) and I'm very excited to put hands on this figure! It's classed as P.O.P I.R.O (we still don't know what it stands for) so stay in touch and we will keep updating! Release date and price are to be determined later...

Sanji - P.O.P Limited Edition: Second surprise! We all wished for a "in-action" Sanji figure, but Megahouse always listens to the half! It's a new Sanji, sexy (too) badass-ly sitting on a chair and smoking his cigarette, he looks so cool, more than epic! I like this chair, it's something new to the P.O.P universe to get such a big accessory as base (Don't count Shirahoshi, Shiki or Corazon, it's not the same thing!). The figure is so good, not strange since it comes from a great sculptor, it's the awesome and talented MAS. More details will come soon.

Nami Ver.BB_02 - P.O.P Limited Edition: This is not a secret anymore, it seems like Megahouse is changing its obsession for Chopperman by another obsession to Nami! It's better than getting simple repaints, that's true, but getting 3 Nami bikinis in the same year is "heavy"! I know we're not forced to buy it, but can you resist? I will answer when the figure is released! So after Ver.BB and Ver.BB PINK, here comes the Ver.BB_02! One thing is sure, it's a pure win! I'm still speechless toward such hair definition, the body proportions seems to be more correct this time, and like Fredericus Rex said: "HOUSTON, WE HAVE A CAST-OFF!". I'll just let the pictures talk here:

+More Pictures

Monkey D. Luffy Ver.2 - P.O.P Sailing Again: First live exposition of the new King of Pirates figure. I join the side of the people who say this is better than the first Sailing Again Luffy, and especially when I saw the official promotional pictures today! Luffy looks better and more detailed, unfortunately it's missing some of the alternatives we wished for, like Haki arms, but it's still quite good! Preorders are open now for this Luffy at Animarket, it's right here for the best price! I guarantee this!

Monkey D. Luffy - P.O.P Kabuki Edition: More pictures of the most waited for Luffy, this Kabuki is really great! It's a masterpiece! See how details are perfect, I'm sure this figure will be eye catchy and epic! Still no details on the release date, price or distribution...

OK, here are all the P.O.P exposed during this Megahobby, not a lot, not what the most of us expected, but at least, we know what is waiting for us during the next year: For now, there will be a Ver.2 Luffy, Corazon and Law bundle, the KABUKI Luffy, Naked Snake Sanji, 4 Bikinis and a She-Law. Some of you will find it weird and fear the end of an epic figure series, other will love it, because every P.O.P is a bless.

I have another theory which is mine and not the official one! So please, the following words are from my own and personal analysis, don't take it as official declaration from Megahouse because they said nothing and will never make such declarations (Be careful, it might contains spoilers):

In my opinion, this is just a break, why? Because Megahouse seems always to follow the Anime progression to a certain degree, and since we're still in the Dressrosa Arc and it will be the case for the next year, I think Megahouse thinks they already released the popular and needed characters from this arc. I am personally dying for a Pika, but I don't think they will make it, because it will not sell well, just like Shilliew, Vista and Beckmann.

So they're "maybe" waiting for the end of this arc and start new and more characters when Zou arc will start. People would naturally say here: What about the old characters like Buggy! I say: Buggy's turn is coming, I'm sure they will give us the Shichibukai Buggy!

Guys, please understand that I'm not defending Megahouse, but I try to see things in real coordinates, Megahouse is a company they want to earn money, they will not release a character that is not popular enough, and since Nami, Hancock, Chopper, Law are popular, they will keep release alternatives when they want! But this doesn't mean they will not release the most needed characters in the right time...

I hope I'm not right and we will see something more "satisfying" during the Jump Festa, so I give you a rendez-vous in 2 weeks, and keep fingers crossed!