ZOOM! Tony Tony Chopper WM Ver.

One last ZOOM for the weekend! The new Chopper-fever that replaced Chopperman waves that we used to get for years is adding a new version, and this time, it's a Fruit theme! The Watermelon!

The colors are really delicious, watermelon is my favorite summer fruit, the red, black and green are giving me appetite, but just to eat more juicy watermelon, nothing more! Actually, one Chopper is enough for me, but if you're a hardcore collector and want this piece (to expose, not to eat) you can find it exclusively at the Mugiwara Store in Japan, or just try to pick a bid on Yahoo Auction Japan. But why don't you try our Proxy Service? Better, easier and cast less! Good luck anyway, I'm running to the fridge, I have juicy fruit to slice and enjoy!