ZOOM! Mr.2 Bon Kure Limited Edition

One more ZOOM for this week, and it's August's first release! He's awesome, he's funny, he's an Okama, and WE ALL love him so much! It's the guy who made us cry twice, it's an iconic hero from the One Piece saga! I'm so happy to review this figure, it's Mr.2 Bon Kure - P.O.P Limited Edition.

The new figure of Bentham, a.k.a Mr.2 Bon Kure is another 10 years of P.O.P releases celebration, this awesome guy's new statue is showing him standing like a boss, ready for a fight, and it's not any fight, this is (probably, because in the anime, we saw him with a lot of bandages) the moment when he's about to sacrifice himself against Magellan (we want a P.O.P of him by the way, a MAX or MAS).

Despite its tiny size and the absence of alternative parts, this figure is very nice and important. The iconic moment of such a respectful character can't be missed. The pose is perfect and the body is well proportioned. The Impel Down uniform is simple, but the shadows on it make it looks rich, in addition to the ballerinas on his feet with the right curves.

The simpler is the figure, the harder to execute! But, honestly guys, this is real art! Fukuda Takashi knew how to make the best of such an expressive character. The face is really deep and faithful. Not strange, we're talking about a P.O.P figure here, and this line always brings the best of One Piece pieces...