ZOOM! Killer Limited Edition

Hey guys, here we go with the Killer - P.O.P Limited Edition review! The Kid Pirates' second man has got his second figure, The time-skip version of the scythes user is really awesome and has great details on it. Come and see it closer.

Well, Killer's got bigger since two years! His body is more muscular and with a thicker neck. His chest muscles are looking very good under his t-shit. And despite all these body boosts and power, it's seems that Killer had some serious injuries during a hard battle; his left arm have kept the scars (maybe burn scars) of the bad event, but since it's making him more badass, who cares :p

Killer has grown a goatee (adult transition), it's good to get some details of his face since we really don't know how he really looks like. Now his hair is shorter only reaching down to his back. He has changed his attire after the two year time-skip to a blue t-shirt with his customized Jolly Roger on it, a brighter-blue sash around his waist and replaced the cow-boy jeans with some standard pairs.

Killer's scythe-bladed weapons looks newer than the one he's got on the Neo DX figure (pre time-skip), is it meant to look newer or it's just the sculptor's degrees of details, I can't answer to this, but I can confirm that the new pair of the Kid pirates: Eustass "Captain" Kid and Killer are really higher in term of quality and details, and really deserve their places in the P.O.P line.