ZOOM! Boa Hancock CB-EX

The prettiest woman of all Grandline also means the cutest child too! Boa Hancock - P.O.P CB-EX is a pretty, fresh, and really cute! This figure is really what we want, a little Boa is always welcomed! At least, it's better than another Chopperman! :p

She's cute, she's really cute, and it's not strange, we're talking about Boa! The Boa Hancock! She looks -as a child- similar to how she does now, only her side-locks are past her shoulders and are worn in beads.

Her jacket (I hope the term is correct) has the same texture as her adult dress; red with golden texture. She also wears a short black and purple skirt, and her feet are naked.

The figure has got fans' appreciations, we hope that Megahouse will start listening to their fans. This Boa was an awesome one that deserves a place on your shelves...