Friday, March 13, 2015


One more beer Nami please! Here is the second time Nami is wearing like Luffy, but for this, it's post-time-skip! Longer hair, bigger boobs and... a wooden mug beer! This is Nami MUGIWARA Ver.2 - P.O.P Limited Edition and this is how Megahouse celebrate their 10 years of P.O.P figures! Let's get closer!

Well, this is another sexy Nami figure, but it's looking really really nice and interesting! We'll do this review as a very short comparison between the MUGIWARA Ver. and this Ver.2!

Nami is looking older and hotter, she's got an older facial expression, and longer hair. Her body looks more curvaceous, the long-sleeved red cardigan replaced the closed vest to reveal an epic pair of generous boobs while Luffy's yellow sash is now tied around her waist!

The wooden mug is looking very detailed, the beverage is flowing on the top in a delicious way. Every detail of this sexy lady is good and correct! Unfortunately, these magnificent shapes exist only with plastic! Whether it's plastic surgery, or amazing P.O.P figures! Muwahahaha... (Evil laugh!)