Tuesday, February 10, 2015

ZOOM! Sugar - P.O.P Sailing Again

It's not because she's called "Sugar" or because she's looking like a child so she's a good innocent! This little person is a very villain one, she's the most important piece of the Dressrosa tragedy with her Hobi Hobi no Mi ability. And today we're about to review Sugar - P.O.P Sailing Again, it's tiny, cute and very colorful!

Sugar appears to be a ten-year-old girl, but is actually much older, being 22. This halt in aging is due to the effects of her Devil Fruit. She looks very cute and childish when she's holding the grapes and looking at them, this "Yummy" face is extremely funny, but if you alternate with her serious face, it's another person, totally different and dark...

Sugar wears a dark-red hooded robe with bear-like ears, a white dress with light blue polka dots, a pink monocle with a purple covering shaped and worn like an eye-patch, a small shiny crown and open-toed sandals.

She has short aquamarine hair, a color that I really appreciate on that lady and that you can fully enjoy it when removing the cape and getting her with the polka dress. Sugar is a nice figure addition to the collection, as a collector I feel satisfied, but as a One Piece fan, I really wished for another additional face, YES, it's that freaky face when Usopp made a horrifying visage of pain and anguish after being force-fed the Tatababasco-laced grape.