Friday, October 17, 2014

ZOOM! Trafalgar Law Ver.2 Sailing Again

Trafalgar Law Ver.2 is the third (but not the last) figure of the cool doctor! Naked chest, tattoos and fake mustaches are here to make the greatest figure of this character. We invite you to look closer, much closer to it! ZOOM!

Like we said, this is the third figure of Law, and for this time, we've got the Dressrosa outfit. Doc is wearing his usual pants, boots, his famous hat and a very nice black and orange coat with the word Corazon on the back and an unknown Jolly Roger. His chest is naked to let us see his tribal-style heart tattoo with his Jolly Roger on it, which really look good and clear! Girls should be satisfied!

The coat's hoodie can be replaced to uncover the head of Law and completely expose his hat. We are also glad with these funny glasses and mustache that Kinemon made for him. Another iconic scene from One Piece that made a lot of laughs between all of you! The sword is always here with each figure of Law, seems that the sword look the same as the first Sailing Again figure, so no needs to talk about it, you certainly have it already! Enjoy the shoots!