Monday, September 29, 2014

ZOOM! Tony Tony Chopper Ver. 2014 Military

Here is it! Our little doctor has stopped piracy and new joined the military service! Nah, this will never happen, it's just a special repaint and it's called Tony Tony Chopper Ver. 2014 Military! Come closer, it will not shoot you!

This figure is exclusive for One Piece Mugiwara Store, first permanent One Piece Store in Tokyo to celebrate its second anniversary. After some Chopperman (Ver. Sky, Ver. 2013), the store is changing the habit (guess Chopperman is finally overused!) and repainting the Sailing Again version with soft military colors. It's really cute and eyes catchy! Also the base is fitting well the new paintings, it's not transparent anymore but sandy (BATTLEGROUUUUUNNNDDD!). Even the little box is converted for military style too! Really cute reproduction but a serious business since it's a rare piece that I personally consider for hardcore collectors only!