ZOOM! Cavendish - P.O.P Limited Edition

This is a review of another Dressrosa Arc character! It's Cavendish of the White Horse, also known as the "Pirate Prince", a Super Rookie and the captain of the Beautiful Pirates. He's got a special style, totally different from any other known One Piece character! You can all see what we're talking about: It's his Shōjo style!

Cavendish is the first male P.O.P figure sculpted by Ajiken, who is known for his sexy female statues! The character have its feminine touch, he looks pretty nice and delicate, and this is probably the main reason of the sculptor choice!

Cavendish is considered very attractive by women and they often faint upon seeing him. His bright sky blue eyes are drawn in a style Oda usually uses for women. He is a lean yet muscular man with long, flowing blond hair that reaches just past his shoulders. He wears a black cowboy hat with a large aqua blue colored plume. He sports a ruffled white v-neck shirt under a coat draped over his shoulders. His dark purple trousers have a thin white stripe on the sides and ends in a ruffle just below a pale yellow and aqua blue star on each knee. Each of his brown high-heeled boots has a bronze buckle attached by dark purple strap just above the ankle. He carries his sword Durandal on his left side, as he is right-handed.

The cape is white from the outside while it's purple from the inside, sculpted in a nice waving form and it can be removed if you ever want to expose Cavendish without it. There is another nice little addition, the red rose! The way he's holding it is cool and so delicate too, no surprises that all the girls are fans of him, he's the romantic pirate!

The figure is pretty good and shows a great level of details and quality, it reflects the main character as always, but as real fan we always ask for more! It would be really good it they included his Hakuba face, something we really miss with this one, but we're still glad and satisfied with this!