Monday, July 21, 2014


Time to review the new MAS figure, this dynamic and amazing series is back with a third figure, and it's about Marco the Phoenix! Former 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, and owner of the Mythical Zoan ability to transform into a phoenix.

This figure were basically in every collector's wishlist, we all wanted for a supreme pose of the Phoenix. Despite his short appearance in the story (for now), Marco is popular between One Piece fans. I don't try to find excuses why this figure is here, (I'm just a collector), because the figure can convince by itself. It's big, detailed, high quality and amazing!

"Like the phoenix rising from the ashes" is the best expression to describe the figure with! It's really showing a very high scene, deeply expressed; Marco rising in the air, half-human, half-phoenix, with all the splendor of the colors of his wings... You know what guys, let the pictures talk, I can't describe such a perfect statue!

The MAS series are really showing great scenes and poses, we hope to see more from this collection. We were sad that no new MAS figure has been revealed during the Megahobby, so let's just cross fingers for the next Wonder Festival.