ZOOM! Kaku - P.O.P Limited Edition

Here we go with a third CP9 character! After Rob Lucci and Kalifa, we're happy to get another badass man in black to make our collection bigger, it's Kaku - P.O.P Limited Edition and it's another awesome piece!

Kaku, who's got a long nose similar to Usopp (only rectangular in shape), looks very good. his poses are pretty and rich enough so you can switch between them; from a serious crossing arms pose to a funny smiley one, the choices are well thought and will keep you away from the boredom.

Kaku is wearing a black cap, a black suit jacket with an orange handkerchief in the breast-pocket over a high-collared black shirt, pants and shoes. His style is simple but nice. His facial expressions are very good and are showing a good loyalty to the original character.

Coming to the gadgets, Kaku can get crossed arms, a Katana, and for the first time ever with a P.O.P figure, his respective Devil Fruit; the Ushi Ushi no Mi is looking amazing and so tasty (hahaha...)! This figure is amazing and important for all CP9 fans, we just hope for more love for these guys, maybe a Blueno in the near future? Who knows...