Sunday, March 23, 2014

ZOOM! Sengoku Limited Edition

Finally Megahouse did it! We're getting it, who is it? He was the fleet admiral of the Marines during the first half of the series, one of the major figures along with Whitebeard, Shiki, Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger... He is Sengoku the Buddha, one of the strongest characters of One Piece, and he's got his own P.O.P figure!

Sengoku - P.O.P Limited Edition is a major key figure to complete the set of the post time-skip figures (at least, the Marines are now complete!) Sengoku was one of the biggest heads during that period, and we could enjoy his full power during the War of The Best...

Sengoku is a tall, fair-skinned and muscular, yet spry, roughly middle-aged man with a long braided beard and a mustache. His cap covers his hair, which is set in a large afro. Actually, there is a total of 4 different heads in the box with 2 different facial expressions, each of the expressions have two versions: Cap and Afro.

He typically wears black-rimmed glasses and a white and gold full Marine admiral uniform that is adorned with medals. The most distinctive features of this uniform are a life-size seagull on top of his cap and his oversized Marine coat which he wears like a cape. His coat has the kanji for justice, emblazoned on the back.

The figure is flawless, we love that Megahouse used the same color and size for the base as for Garp Neo DX's one, the crossed arms pose is suitable to showcase Sengoku and Garp together, they will certainly look so badass. I personally like this a lot, only missing think is the pet of Sengoku, his papers-eater goat! It could be very funny if they made it.