Saturday, February 22, 2014


Nami MUGIWARA Ver. is a unique piece in the P.O.P Collection. Beside being a Limited Edition figure, it's the very first P.O.P of a character dressing another character's style. It's not hard to guess who is it... Nami is dressed like Luffy, that's from where comes the MUGIWARA Ver. title. Sexy, colorful and original, this figure has a lot to show, so let's get closer...

This figure is a real piece apart! Like mentioned just above, it's the first time we see a character wearing another character's outfit, and this is very cute and original! Actually Nami is wearing Luffy's old classic outfit, but, of course with sexy feminine touch! (unfortunately, the jacket is not open); Sleeveless red jacket, sexy short Jean trousers, sandals and the infamous Strawhat, Nami's got all the Luffy fever! The orange haired girl's new style is very cute and will certainly satisfy the fans, whatever they are P.O.P collectors or just Nami lovers.

The feminine SEXYYYY touch is awesome! Guys, we're served and we've got enough sexiness from our favorite navigator. It's also nice to see another (maybe last?) pre-time-skip figure of Nami with her short hair cut. The body is perfectly rounded and sculpted, and it feels good to see different female characters sculptor from time to time than AjikenNakao Yoshimasa's second P.O.P is a second success too and it's really great to get a different style on our figures.

This Nami is amazing, one of the rare Limited Edition figures that really deserve to be limited, we wish for more figure like that, and it doesn't have to be another Nami so we don't fall into the same Chopperman useless but expensive clones.