Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ZOOM! Monkey D. Luffy Edition-Z

Monkey D. Luffy is finally getting his Edition-Z figure ready for release! The Mugiwara captain is wearing his Movie Z outfit and standing like a "real!" hero! The 4th Edition-Z Mugiwara piece is really amazing! And until we get all the crew, let's enjoy a closer view to Luffy!

This is the 15th figure of Luffy, and it's really one of his best! Luffy's heroic pose makes of him a real badass for a time and goes very well with the other Edition-Z Mugiwaras. Luffy is wearing an upped collar red cardigan and a yellow sleeveless jacket over it. The naked chest allows to see the deep scar on it, and it's pretty much detailed then the Sailing Again figure. His sash tied around his waist is now shiny red, but for his sandals and pants, they are the same as his usual outfit.

The proportions of this Luffy are just perfect, every detail is amazing and we can get a very different pose of him by undressing his upper part, and replacing his arms. This is also awesome, it's not the first time we can make him naked, but it's always a pleasure! He's also got a second facial expression, but unfortunately, we can't make him wear his straw-hat.

The piece is in overall a good one, we hope to see the rest of the crew soon, there is only Zoro who is announced to join Chopper, Robin, Sanji and Luffy. So let's hope to see the rest soon! (Maybe the next Megahobby EXPO?)... Enjoy the pictures!