ZOOM! Sir Crocodile Repaint Ver.

Sir Crocodile makes a very shiny comeback to the P.O.P lines with this Repaint version! Just when people starts to be desperate to get their Shichibukai figure without making deep holes in their wallets, Megahouse decided to release it again, but with improvements!

The Repaint version was revealed during the Wonder Festival 2013 expo, we were pretty glad to see it and we still think it's a fair and good reissue, especially to limit the profit of the opportunist sellers. The first Croco figure was very popular, and now, because it's rare, the price took a strictly increasing slope. So hopefully this edition will make the balance and bring down the price.

The difference between the two versions is basically the colors scheme, the metallic paintings and the color of the base. The new colors scheme is more sandy and dry, unlike the first Crocodile which was more blue. The skin and face shade have been improved to make the figure closer to the character with a pale skin. And finally, a golden shiny paint have been applied to the metallic parts, like the jewels, the pirate hook, shirt buttons, etc...

The new improvements are really great, but this doesn't make of the first figure a bad one, it's still one of the best POP ever released! I guess this new edition is only for those who want Crocodile into their collection or for hard collectors. If you can't decide yet, you can make a compare between our Crocodile POP Neo DX review and this one.