ZOOM! Nefertari Vivi Neo DX

Nefertari Vivi - POP Neo DX is the main release of this month, the Arabasta princess is come back with a second all new outfit and figure. Signed Ajiken, the blue haired girl is so cute and looking very good. Let's look closer and enjoy that beauty!

Vivi's new figure is inspired from her royal outfit when she came back to her kingdom, this figure is needed, since the previous figure was about an iconic moment, the belly dancer outfit (we really need a Nami to match with that Vivi by the way!). The princess outfit goes well with Vivi, and better on the figure! The soft white dress and sandals, the pink sash and cape are marvelous, especially with the shining gold gadgets decorating her dress.

The jewels that she's wearing are amazing, looks like real pieces but with smaller proportions. A very little detail drew my attention, the rings on her right hand, I wonder if these are the famous Kujakki Slashers, her preferred weapons!

Vivi's blue hair is very nice, she's got two hair styles. First one is the wavy hair with two bangs hanging down, one on either side of her head and reaching her shoulders, her hair is decorated with some awesome red jewels on the back. Second is the ponytail style with shorter bangs that stop out at about her chin-length. Her facial expressions are very good (despite that Ajiken's sculpted faces are close enough) and make of her a very happy but serene statue.