ZOOM! Chopper Crimin Ver.

Hi minna-san, this is Pappug talking, creator of the fashion line "Crimin". I'm so proud to show you my second creation for the Mugiwara pirates, and today, my model will be Chopper-kun, that will have the honor to wear my new T-Shirt design... Thank you Pappug, I'll continue! Well, this is the second P.O.P figure having the Crimin' brand! After Nami, time comes for Chopper to get his Crimin' Ver. too!

This figure is original! Despite the fact it's a Jump Festa 2014 exclusive item, Chopper comes with a special different base, a black flag with the Jolly Roger of the Mugiwara pirates and the name of our loved collection on it! Portrait.Of.Pirates!

Now back to the figure, it's really cute, cutest than any of the previous Chopper ones. The little creature is sitting on the top of a wooden barrel, holding the flag and wearing his fashion pink T-Shirt.

Chopper lovers can't resist, am I right? As always, the figure is high quality and the details are just perfect! This is the kind of limited figures I want to see, better than the boring Chopperman figures (they are 20 now!). This piece will really make the pride of all its owners, including me!