Sunday, September 29, 2013

ZOOM! Gol D. Roger Neo DX

We're reviewing a special and unique figure today, it's the King Of Pirates himself and he's ready to conquer not only Grand Line, but your shelves! Portrait Of Pirates Neo XD - Gol D. Roger is the most important release of this month, and it's a valuable piece of art that deserves all our attention.
It's hard to start reviewing a figure, especially when it's so good and well made. Roger DX has the potential to satisfy collectors, especially with his cool outfit and posture. Most of his prominent physical features like his curved black mustache are perfectly sculpted, his intense eyes. the large confident smile on his face, the thick black hair and the short thick neck are making an awesome facial expression. The King of Pirates wears a long red captain's coat. Beneath his coat, he hears a blue shirt and had a yellow\green sash around his waist. He has a white cravat around his neck, wore dark blue pants, and (unlike most other pirates seen in the One Piece World) he hears what appeared to be black sea boots. He also wears a pirate hat with his jolly roger on it over a yellow spotted bandana. He was one of the few people to mirror the stereotypical pirate, (maybe it's meant to show the difference between the old and new era of piracy?...)

Prior to his death, Roger was called the "Pirate King" because his fighting power was nearly unstoppable. However, we still don't know a lot of his true powers, we just see a gun and a sword on his hands (as shown in the Strong World episode 0 while fighting against Shiki). Useless to tell you how these gadgets are detailed and refined, we know all the quality level of Megahouse products.

Lately, Megahouse is releasing related to nostalgic moments poses, and for Roger, they couldn't miss his last moment as a proud man, even that his hands are tied, he still looks full of power and will. This moment can make the best element of your shelves and collections, it's the start of everything, so you better not miss it!