Thursday, July 11, 2013

ZOOM! Nico Robin Edition-Z

After months of waiting, we could finally get our hands on the pretty Nico Robin. In a younger and sexier version, P.O.P Edition-Z Nico Robin is another unbelievable quality figure to be classed as a unique must get and Megahouse is proving again that they are always the best (when it's about One Piece figures). I invite you guys to explore each detail of this masterpiece, so let's do it.

Once again, Megahouse keeps its promises, the final product is perfect as the prototype itself. From the sculpture to the assembly and painting, Robin looks perfect, she's colorful and smoothly sculpted and every detail on her matches well. Robin is wearing a very sexy cowgirl\musketeer outfit with sexy underwear and some fatal weapons (sexy too! lol).

So let's start from the hat, bright orange colored with long black feathers attached in the back and forming a voluminous ponytail. The hat can be removed to show a new hair style of Robin, now she's got two ponytails in the back and it's completely cute, the hair is quite smooth and there is some nice shiny blue color on it, it gives a very nice rendering! The lady wears pink support-bra with delicate and soft lacework, a sexy red panty and long pink tights that match very well with the red long boots. In addition, she wears a feminine jacket with long arms and black gloves and a belt on her middle. She looks so hot and dangerous with that gun and blade.

Concerning the base, it's also red as the Chopper Edition-Z figure, for the first time we've got same colors for two figures in the same line, and for the first time we get a red base for Robin (or Chopper too), this is the kind of details that make us almost sure that all the Mugiwaras of the Edition-Z will probably have the same colors for the base, it's something new and can be useful, especially for you guys who have decided to pick all the P.O.P figures. Let's back to Robin, the most annoying (maybe it's just me!) thing is the scale, we never saw two Nicos having the same size, after a giant Sailing Again version, Megahouse is turning back to the smaller scale of her, some people would say it's because of the film, when she gets younger, but I wouldn't agree since even she's younger, she really shouldn’t have hit a biological growth spurt after that age. Anyway, I hope that Megahouse revise this kind of problem they have, and try to avoid making us worry for it. Despite this fact, this is a very good figure, it worths its price and I am strongly thinking that this is a must have figure. Enjoy the pictures guys!