Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ZOOM! Trafalgar Law Sailing Again

Trafalgar Law, or the "Surgeon of Death", like his lovers prefer to call him, is finally back and has a second figure in the P.O.P collection! But this time, he's back as a Shichibukai totally handsome and cool! Sailing Again Trafalgar Law is the new figure we're about to review today...

It's not strange that this figure is getting very popular, the character and the artist who made it are a major cause of this popularity! Actually, Trafalgar Law is classed as the 10th most popular One Piece character and I guess this rank could raise after the time-skip period! As for the sculptor, Ishiyama Yuuki is very popular and is surprising us continuously. After the big "WOW!" we did for Eustass Captain Kid, it's time to get impressed by this Trafalgar Law.

Law's figure is very nice. As always, quality is top and the details are super correct. The clothes are really successful despite the delicate details they have. Law wears his post time-skip hat with a long black coat with his crew's jolly roger along the hem and on the sleeve. He wears brown (black in the anime) boots as well, and hold his sword and its guard. The coat must be the most difficult part to achieve, but not when such a big artist interferes! The details are amazing and the colors are perfectly chosen.

Facial details are also perfect, this figure includes 3 different faces of Law (normal, smiling, and... talking??), each one makes a very good expression and with the great amount of alternative pieces, we can create the suitable pose for each head. There is in total 6 arms, 9 hands and 3 heads! Imagine all the poses you cal create!